Building a Custom Hot Tub that is Noteworthy

By Cindy
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One of Diamond Spas custom projects has just been installed and we are always delighted to see how our clients choose to install their custom hot tub and what they do with the space. Diamond Spas gets the pleasure of working with some of the finest architects and designers in their professions, and the work they do is quite extraordinary. Working with an architect or designer has huge benefits as they will custom design pieces that work with your lifestyle and needs, and bring a noteworthy style to it so it is all your own-customized for you. They can see a product and know how to make it even better with design features and custom details that may otherwise be missed.

This particular project was a custom hot tub we built for the client combining the copper and stainless steel making for a gorgeous duo. A unique project for us as we have only made a small handful of these types of mixed metal hot tubs.The spa is built with squared off bench seats and steps that lead into the metal hot tub.

This type of spa is particularly good for those clients who like the look of copper but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. Using the stainless steel in the well of the hot tub reduced the cost of the tub, and still gives you the look of copper on the decking. The contemporary look is quite beautiful with the blending of the copper and the stainless steel. The seam where the two metals join is smooth and coherent. We love the tile they chose to use around the copper spa edge. Fantastic Work!


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