Celebrating America Recycles Day

By Cindy
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America Recycles Day has been celebrated every year on November 15th, the purpose of the day is to educate Americans about the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling and to encourage more people to join the movement to create a better natural environment.

This year’s theme is “I Recycle”, the EPA is encouraging all individuals to do what they can to reduce his or her carbon foot print, save energy protect natural resources and to consider their role in creating a healthy environment.

Individuals can take the America Recycles Day Pledge and commit to recycling as often as possible. As well as download the America Recycles Day badge for Facebook to show support.

Additional you can:

  • Find recycling sites near you by visiting Earth911.com.
  • Join Disney’s Friends for Change and, on America Recycles Day, take an old tee shirt to a Disney store to be recycled and turned into paper.
  • If you download the Aluminate iPhone App today, Alcoa will donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful for every download!
  • Commit to recycle, and ask your friends to as well, by making a Dream Machine ‘Bottle Promise’ at www.facebook.com/DreamMachine.

Speak Your Mind – Let Us Know what you are doing celebrate America Recycles Day and to keep the earth healthy?

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