Check Out the Houzz!

By Cindy
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Have you heard of Houzz? If you are a lover of interior design like me, you will be addicted to this site! I have a dedicated folder in my home office for all the torn out pages of design magazines of “home remodel projects”. Houzz is a website where homeowners and design professionals can upload images of their latest projects and let other viewers add the image to a “ideabook” folder instead of ripping it out of a magazine- No file cabinet needed! The site does a great job of allowing the user to click on specific spaces (bathrooms, kitchens. bedroom etc) and styles (traditional, Asian, modern) and look for design ideas. With over 150,000 images to peruse this website will you keep you busy and may even add some more “home to do’s” on your list. Got a question about one of the images you see? Post a question to the person who uploaded the picture (Love the lamp in this image-Where can I purchase?) Brilliant idea Houzz!

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