Choosing the Right Plantings for your Swimming Pool

By Cindy
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The Spring is now in full force and before you know it the heat of the summer will be upon us. Now is the time to start researching what plants will work best around your swimming pools and that will also depend on the region that you live in.

Here are some important things to consider before your run to your local nursery.

Dropping leaves: Flowering plants that shed their leaves will be a source of frustration when they continually fall into the pool. There are plenty of flowers that hold their flowers until they are dead headed. This will save you a lot of time cleaning out the pool every time the wind decides to blow.

Root Growth: Research the trees and bushes expected root growth. Some roots can be can have deep root growth and can cause havoc on your luxury swimming pool. Some roots can extend upwards of 6-10 ft beyond the tree and traditionally the roots are searching for water sources (ie. Swimming pool)

Continuous color: Look for plantings that will provide continuous blooms of color that will last from Spring to Fall. These may be hard to find, but if you can intermix plantings that have different timetables of flowering than the garden will have some splash of color throughout the summer season looking lush all season long.

Heat resistant: Sunlight bouncing off the water can cause for temperatures around the pool to rise. Keep plants and shrubs a few feet away so they don’t get scorched by the heat or the chemicals that get splashed out of the swimming pool.

Avoid Insect Loving flowers: If you want to enjoy the pool, make sure your avoid flowering plants that attract insects and birds such as stinging bees and hummingbirds.The likeliness of someone getting stung is high and will have everyone apprehensive of taking a dip in the pool.


Here are a few recommendations of some great plants that do well pool side and look great at the same time.



Ornamental grasses




Martha Washington or Lady Washington Geraniums

Martha Washington



Bird of Paradise

birds of paradise
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