Common Algae Not Found in Copper Swimming Pools

By Cindy
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Does your pool look like this? Let’s hope not. Not quite the look that you were dreaming of when you were thinking of a fresh dip in the pool eh? If you have ever experienced algae in your swimming pool, you are not alone. With multiple types of algae found in swimming pools (black, green and mustard yellow), the key is to researching what kind of algae that your pool has and getting the right kinds of algaecides that will kill the organisms. This common problem can be a real nightmare for pool owners, but not for owners of copper swimming pools.

“Copper has the unique quality of effectively killing Algae because it disrupts the enzymatic activity within the cell. If the enzymes don’t function properly the organism cannot function properly, ” says Karen Rigsby a water treatment expert and leader of technical Srevices at Biolabs (Pool & Spa Marketing October 2011). Copper has natural agents that kill 99% of bacterias including e. coli, staph, and strep strains.

Due to the antimicrobial nature of copper, maintaining a swimming pool tends to be a lot less costly and time consuming. No need for harmful chemicals and weekly pool brushing.

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