Contoured Tub Helps with Slipping

By Cindy
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Mid-contoured Soaking Tub Mid-contoured Soaking Tub
Contoured Soaking Tub Contoured Soaking Tub


Have you ever had that experience of “I am slipping in my tub and I can’t get up?” I hate when that happens and so do many of you from what we hear. When you are all but 5 feet tall and your tub is built for a 6′ tall man, your bum tends to slip since your feet can’t stop you on the end of tub. The constant readjusting of maneuvering yourself into your reclining position is well..annoying. “I have been using washcloths on the bottom of the tub to keep me from slipping!” Caroline H. of Charleston told us last week.

A contoured soaking tub is an option that we include with our specialty baths to elevate the feet but also give the bather a lounge type seat that props the legs up and reclines the back. Fabricated in two types of contours, a mid contour designed for two bathers or a contoured tub fabricated for one bather.

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