Copper Spa Makes Beautiful Addition to Vacation Ranch

By Cindy
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Ranches are becoming quite the destination for city slickers trying to get away from it all. From dude ranches and cowboy-like lodging, these charming vacation spots have visitors coming from hours away.

The Blue Creek Lodge in Oshkosh Nebraska is settled in the heart of the Sandhills. Surrounded by lush landscapes of lakes and trees and streams, the large ranch now boasts a new custom copper hot tub that seats up to 8 people.

The Blue Creek Lodge is a perfect spot for those who love to get away from it all. The ranch sits on 23 miles of rolling plains that are filled with wild turkeys, deer, geese and pheasant making it a perfect spot for the true sportsmen.

For those who aren’t interested in hunting, there are plenty of other things to fill your day. Fishing from the stocked ponds, kayaking, canoeing and plenty of bird watching. Check out the Blue Creek Lodge at


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