Corner Kitchen Sink Designs

By Cindy
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The corner countertop space in the kitchen always seems to be wasted space, we tend to cram odd and ends in corner or just leave it empty. However, Better Home and Gardens suggests that you make the most of corner countertop space by placing the kitchen sink there.

Light Up Your Corner Sink
Install task lighting underneath upper cabinets above a corner sink. Having the dishwasher within reach makes for a more efficient use of the space.

Copper Corner Sink
Break up a white kitchen with a warm, rich copper apron-front sink in a prominent corner location. Add matching cabinet hardware or towel bars to tie the look together.

Sink Times Two
Two sinks are better than one if you’ve got more than one person working in the kitchen. Use one for food prep and one for cleanup, and separate them physically and visually by placing one in the corner.

Corner Sink on a Curve
This countertop curves past two integrated kitchen sinks, making a smooth transition around the corner of the kitchen. The stainless-steel countertop adds a sleek, contemporary look.

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens -Kitchen and Bath Ideas

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