Corner Tubs Save On Floor Space

By Cindy
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Stainless Steel Corner Tub by Diamond Spas

Free standing tubs are popular these days in home design but to have these beauties, abundant floor space is required. If you are looking at luxury tubs but don’t have a ton of floor space, you may want to consider corner tubs as an option. Most homeowners think that bath tubs are out of the question when it comes to small spaced bathrooms, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Corner tubs may be the best solution for small spaces making great use of unused corner floor space while still giving you an abundant well to soak in. Known for their Ofuro tubs, Diamond Spas can incorporate Japanese bath design into a corner tub with deep chest level high water and built in seating for maximum comfort. Like any of Diamond Spas custom bathing tubs, corner tubs can be installed with LED lighting, water heaters and air jet packages.

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