Could Adding a Spa to Your Hotel Increase Revenue?

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Hotels have come a long way from simply offering people accommodation for a few days. Nowadays, hotels are consistently trying to find new ways to offer a well-rounded experience, to the point where guests can have a relaxing and complete vacation without leaving the premises.

One such example is hotel spas, which are commonly used in resort-type accommodation but are now being more and more introduced into urban hotels too.

How Can a Spa Help You Generate More Revenue?

There are two major benefits to adding a spa to your hotel, both of which can greatly support your efforts to increase revenue:

Profit margins

The numbers show urban hotel spas are getting increasingly more revenue, with a 6.3% increase seen in 2017. This is also due to the fact that hotel spas aren’t just attractive for out-of-town guests who book a room at your place, of course. The local community, a group that has been previously all but impossible to tap into by urban hotels previously, is also interested in a spa experience.

So apart from the revenue from guests, hotels can enjoy additional profits from local customers who will come just so they can benefit from the spa experience. This is true not only for urban hotels but most types of accommodations which usually don’t have a lot of success in convincing the local community to rely on their services.

Return guests

Even if guests only stay for 1-2 nights, a spa can help them relax, pamper themselves, and unwind, which directly helps improve their customer experience. Apart from the hotel services themselves, the spa can help guests have a more pleasant time at your hotel, and when guests have a good experience, they are far more likely to return.

Some guests may even make their traveling decisions based on repeating a pleasant experience they have had in the past. When you offer guests spa services, this directly helps greatly improve how they feel while staying at your hotel, which means in the future they are likely to re-book.

The Diamond Spa Approach to Hotel Spas

If you’re interested in generating extra hotel revenue by adding spa services, we at Diamond Spas can help. Our commercial spas, pools, and bath services are just what your hotel needs to offer your current and future guests the best experience.

We make custom stainless steel and copper spas that last, so you’ll not only get a return on your investment but also generate more profits in the future!

To find out more about our spas and how we can help, contact us today.

Stainless steel and copper spa

Rainbow Lodge at the Yellowstone Club Photo – copyright Tony Demin Photography LLC


Stainless steel Japanese bath designed with two seats for two bathers

Photo Credit: Copyright Courtesy of The Spa at Shooting Star Ranch, Jackson Hole Wyoming


Stainless Steel Spa with Tile

Four Seasons – Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Four Seasons Resort and Day Spa, Denver

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