Countdown to Opening Ceremonies

By Cindy
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As seen in Aquatics Intl.

We are starting to feel the excitement in the air with the Olympics opening ceremonies just 1 month away. The Olympics which will be held in London this go around, with the games beginning July 27th-August 12th.

Swimming officially starts on July 28th with the start of Mens and Womens individual events. The London aquatic center was built specifically for the London Olympics with state of the art design. The 17, 500 seat venue cost roughly $400 million, but the building was designed not only for the games but for future competitions. Some great new technologies were included in the design of the aquatic center which include:

Green Design. A custom designed treatment system recovers backwash water which is used for toilet flushing. The use of VFDs is will help in reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Clean. High quality filtration systems with UV sterilization will result in less chloramine levels for the swimmers and more comfortable on the spectators ( less burning of the eyes).

Fast. A constant 3 meter pool (9 feet 10764 inches) will be maintained throughout the entire custom pool so there is no bounceback from differential depths.

Healthy. From sand beds, ultraviolet irradiation, heating and automatic pH and pre chlorine residual controls, the filtration system is so thorough that the system should be able to remove particles down to 1 micron.

Versatile. A movable boom is in place on one end of the pool as well as a submersible boom with a movable floor so that lengths can be set for other competitions or functions.

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