Creating A Shaded Outdoor Living Space

By Cindy
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It’s summertime and if you’re like us, you love having an outdoor living area that serves multiply purposes.

Pergolas meet the needs of those seeking a multi- purpose outdoor living space. Steve Ostrowski, owner of ShadeFX Canopies, and Lou Maglio, owner of Walpole Woodworkers, co-created Shade Pergolas. Shaded Pergolas are made up of wooden and cellular-vinyl pergolas with retractable canopy systems.

“The addition of a canopy to a pergola can extend the enjoyment of activities during rain or shine,” says Maglio. “They offer the combined benefits of structural beauty and defined space provided by pergolas, and functional protection from the elements for which awnings are known.”

While planning to install a pergola, first consideration the size and the use of the space you’re covering, is it a small nook for reading, a deck, or a large space for entertaining.

The shaded pergola is a free standing structure, but it can be position near a home to block direct sunlight, thus reducing sunlight and heat in the home. Or install a pergola so it can function as a breezeway between two structures like your home and a garage.

This Universal Lighting Systems project

Of course you could always add some ambiance, by asking your installer about adding low–voltage lighting. The possibilities are endless.

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