Custom Built Spas Featured in Denver Home Design

By Cindy
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As technology becomes more extensive in every aspect of our lives, we’re starting to see innovation in other areas of our lives beyond just the smartphones and computers. One of the most surprising places we’ve found new technology emerging is in home design. Think about how much the refrigerator and washing machine has changed since they were first introduced. Washing machines today have options of washing and drying a load in the same machine and there are some brands of “smart” refrigerators out now that can offer recipe suggestions based on what you have in your fridge at the time? Times are a changing and designers know as consumers we want something that is beautiful and highly functional. No need to settle on practical and drab. Just as washing machine and refrigerators have changed their look so has today’s hot tub. For years we have known the hot tub as a hard plastic shell with its faux wood siding and plastic steps leading up to it. We have seen some of those suckers still around today albeit under tarp and cover. We are seeing some real innovation with custom spa fabrication especially in the past 5 years. New technology is allowing artists to fabricate sheet metal into stainless steel and copper tubs with any bell and whistle you can dream up. Luxury home spas are big sellers these days as homeowners are seeing the importance of taking care of their health while at the same time wanting some thing beautiful to have in their landscape…functional art.

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