Custom Designed Pools To Fit Your Personality

By Cindy
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Somehwere In Nashville, TN

We get really creative people through our doors here at Diamond Spas. Many of our clients think out of the box when it comes to building their pools and spas. We have made some very unique products for our clients who really want a original look and not another basic rectangular pool. The beauty of customizing is having the ability to create something unique that reflects your personality, yet meets you all your needs and more. Do you enjoy a pool to wade in, then a shallower pool may be a better option. Interested in a pool that doubles as a swim spa, we can do that! Do you want a pool with a hot tub attached with massaging jets, a cool down seat, an extra deep well? No problem. Customizing your pool is nice for those who want to buy a pool that fits their families exact needs. Check out these custom pools and spas. Each pool shape represents what the clients love or who they are. Not every pool or spa builder has the capabilities to custom design. Depending on the pool materials that the firm works with will determine how custom the firm is able to make your product Stainless steel and copper are flexible materials that enables Diamond Spas to customize the pool of your imagination.

Buffalo Shaped Pool atBuffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino

Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami

The designer here must have loved cats. Interesting.

Flying W Airport Resort in Medford, N.J.

Liberace’s Piano Shaped Pool

Liberace may have owned one of the first piano shaped pools. His flamboyant lifestyle was not only seen in his fashion but in his home as well.

No Surprise here, A Texas Shaped Pool

C’mon you know somebody in Texas would have a pool in the shape of their beloved state!


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