Custom Diamond Spas Pool at Mansion in Vail, CO

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The DroneHub YouTube channel has recently uploaded a video showing off an impressive $45 million dollar mansion that has a custom Diamond Spas pool and we encourage you to check it out! Located in Vail, Colorado, the mansion is positioned right on the side of the mountain, about as close as you can get to all the skiing and snowboarding action the area has to offer. The drone shots are gorgeous and really show off the mansion’s great location – only a hundred or so yards from the slopes – along with the natural beauty of the area. After a long day on the slopes, we’re sure there’s nothing better than taking a relaxing dip in the pool and taking in the beautiful scenery.

The mansion may look familiar to those who have looked into the Custom Glass Walled Pools on our website because it’s the same one you see in the video timelapse! It’s great to see the home and our work still being appreciated all this time later, especially considering all the hard work that went into the construction during the cold Fall and Winter months for this custom Diamond Spas pool.

For those of you interested in real estate the video also serves as a good guide on how to get great shots of a property with a drone. Blake, the man flying the drone in the video, goes over the importance of using drones to get landscape shots, different focal lengths, why it’s good to change elevation when filming, and more.

We build amazing custom Diamond Spa pools and spas just like the one in this scenic Vail mansion all the time and have the experience and expertise necessary to turn your vision into reality! Browse our website to see more of the custom designs we’ve created over the years and contact us today, or whenever inspiration strikes!

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