Custom Fabrication of Your Bath or Spa

By Cindy
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Custom building a tubBath manufactures are operating in every corner of the globe, but a true custom fabricator is rare because of the time that is put into each product making it less profitable than production manufacturing. Most baths and spas that you see in the marketplace today are mass produced with no custom fabrication to speak of. With Diamond Spas we can fabricate almost anything that you wish out of a pool, spa or tub. What sets Diamond Spas apart from our competitors is that we encourage our clients to be participants in the designing process. For those owners who are suited to that level of control and participation, designing your own spa or tub, the way you dream of it, is truly rewarding. We start by asking our clients how they will use the product, how often, for what purpose etc. Our clients are so unique. We have clients all around the world, and they all have different tastes and different needs. Some of our clients use their baths just for soaking; others like a two seated tub, while some prefer the traditional soaking bath. One of our taller clients who is 6’5 wanted a deeper well so that his bath water would be chest deep, so diamond Spas made his vision a reality. You aren’t going to get that kind of specialization from a mass produced product. We want our clients to see every quality element that is important to them can makes its way into their spa, pool or bath. That is, indeed, rare. Custom fabrication is getting everything you desire out of the product. When the owners get to participate in designing at that level of participation, it doesn’t mean that it will be more expensive. Of course, custom fabrication of anything has a premium over cookie-cutter, stamped-out production, but that is what makes products from Diamond Spas so special and hold their value in the market so incredibly well. Experience what it is, to create a handcrafted work or art, which really is a masterpiece you are going to enjoy for years to come.

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