Custom Home Gets Outfitted with Custom Home Spa

By Cindy
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When building a custom home you must do your due diligence in researching your contractor, architect, and designers. The same is true when it comes to the landscaping of your custom home. Researching landscape architects, pool builders and hot tub suppliers should be done months in advance prior to installation. Thorough research will show that when it comes to choosing a hot tub supplier, not all are created equal.

There are many hot tub suppliers to choose from, most of them sell a standard hot tub made from acrylic or fiberglass with extra options that can be added in. Custom hot tub suppliers are a bit harder to find yet worth the effort to locate. Custom built spas by Diamond Spas warranties all their work and is committed to deliver a high end spa that is unique to their clients needs. A promise of the best of what the market has to offer is a motto they stand behind. Hot tubs built out of stainless steel and copper rival anything in the luxury hot tub market.

This stainless steel beauty was custom built for a client whose home sits on the banks of a private lake. Fabricated with two lounge chairs, all the client needs to do is lay back and enjoy the view!

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