Custom Spa Goes Under Wraps

By Cindy
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Stainless steel spa with custom cover Stainless Steel Spa with custom spa cover

The fall weather is turning cold and no sooner will the white fluffy stuff start falling here in Colorado. Whether your in Arizona with sand storms, Texas with the tree pollen or South Carolina with driving rains, the fact of the matter is that every hot tub, no mater if it is a high end hot tub or a low end model should have a spa cover and we believe it should be the best one available to you. A good cover we believe is one that is well crafted and uses the best materials around. From durable vinyls, waterproof threads and highly constructed buckles a hot tub cover needs to endure the harsh weather conditions that occur.

Foam Covers can be made to fit any existing project and will offer supreme protection. The foam spa covers are custom made and can be made in any size or dimension. These covers come in bi folds to bigger tri folds for larger custom hot tubs and come in different shades to match outdoor fabrics and designs. Fabricated with a two inch skirt (flap on bottom of cover), this protective lip prevents air and dust from getting into the spa and also prevents the heat from escaping.


Automatic covers are a real luxury item when it comes to covering up a spa. It basically takes the labor out of taking off/putting on the spa cover after each us. A little forethought must go into an automatic cover as they must be ordered at the same time the spa is being placed. These covers are ideal especially in cold climates when the temps can be below freezing, and the thought of taking off a cover in a winter storm in a towel is less than ideal. Automatic covers are initiated with a flip of a switch. Coming in an extensive choice of colors, the auto covers are stylish and smart.

Custom spa covers are the best investment for your hot tub as they will help conserve heat and also protect the hot tub from damage from natures elements.

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