Custom Swimming Pools Hang In Mid Air

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The brand new Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao’s got one and so does The Joule Hotel in Dallas. Hotels are getting in on the action of “suspended swimming pools” with clear walls because they cause a stir and excitement with their guests. Adding an amenity like the suspended swimming pools draws guests into the hotels, architect Jim Marche says. The Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in China is the first in that country to have a Cantilever custom swimming pool. A cantilever is defined as a part of a beam or a structure projecting outwards beyond its support. For those big cities with small spaces, the cantilever pool is ideal.


Mumbai’s residential towers, known as the Aquaria Grande, is still in it’s finishing stages but the planned complex will includes these three-sided balcony pools in their residential units.


The InterContinental Dubai Festival City has a transparent pool that extends beyond the edge of the hotel overlooking Dubai’s skyline. These clear sided pools may not be for the faint at heart. For those who want to take a dip in but are afraid of heights, here is some advice, Don’t Look Down!


The Hilton Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand has a custom pool that is dramatically suspended between tall buildings. The heated, outdoor swim spa features a custom viewing window in the bottom of the pool in case you missed anything from the side view.


If you are sitting poolside in Dallas at the Joule Hotel, make sure you take a second look before you take that seat. Extending eight feet over the side of the building, on the tenth floor, the Joule Pool is surrounded in Plexiglas wall to let guests take in all the views of the city.


Are you wanting a little pool in the sky action for your own home? Check out these home pools that owners have opened up their ceilings for.




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