Custom Water Feature Can Aid in Healing Process

By Cindy
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Custom Water Feature at a Denver School Courtyard

Landscape designers in the Hospital Industry are viewing open grassy areas with a whole different perspective these days. Many landscape architects are discovering that incorporating custom water features and gardens into their landscape design is proving a much needed outlet for grieving families, overworked nurses and staff. In a environment that is known for its cold and sterile attributes, having an oasis where a patient or family member can walk out into the courtyard to get some solitude is literally a breath of fresh air. “These healing gardens are showing an improved overall medical outcome in patients because it is relieving stress,” states Geoff Roehll, a landscape architect who has designed more than 20 of these memorial gardens. These water features and garden are used as a tranquil place where these patients can mourn, reflect and gain a sense of peace.

Healthcare is not the only industry that these healing gardens are being used. The educational arenas are also seeking out these memorial gardens for their students so they can have a quiet place they can come to reflect and soothe their tensions. Adding elements such as nature and water provide visitors the calming effects that only nature can provide.

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