Customizing Unique Baths For You

By Cindy
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Custom Copper and Mahogany Tub

Unique baths are standard at Diamond Spas. Choosing a custom bath over one that is purchased in a retail outlet guarantees that the Jones’ next door aren’t going to have a tub like yours! Each order that comes through our doors is made one at a time-unique to your requests. From the initial order, we have our design engineers at work putting in place your exclusive specifications. From size, shape, materials, jetting and lights, we begin the custom process. Each piece of sheet metal is cut, bent, and welded into your ultimate design. This beautiful mahogany and copper tub was a design that was brought to us by a client who wanted to bring out the woodwork in his home. This was a challenge that we had never taken on but with our seasoned welders and craftsman, we knew we could do it. Look at the outcome! The copper and mahogany are brilliant together! Let us make your vision a reality–the neighbors will be droolling!

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