Designing a Family-Friendly Landscape: Tips and Tricks

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A pool or a spa can transform any backyard into a tranquil oasis, with whimsical landscaping surrounding it. When deciding on landscaping ideas for your pool, the focus should be on the lifestyle of your whole family.

Here are some tips to build a family-friendly landscape!

  1. Identify Your Goal.

Start by determining the purpose of the area surrounding your pool. Is it just for sunbathing and lounging, or do you want an outdoor dining and/or kitchen area?
If you’re going to entertain your kids or plan on hosting evening events, then setting up LED lights that make the water colorful can be a great way to create a dynamic poolscape. A seat wall is another fantastic option for a nice, minimal sitting space. This design feature can double as built-in shelving or a retaining wall.

  1. Prioritize Safety First.

We know the safety of your family is the top priority. Especially when you have young kids, you must invest in a pool safety alarm. Investing in a durable, strong cover for your pool or spa is also an effective method to prevent a child from accidentally falling into the water.

Watch our automatic cover opening and closing

  1. Use Pool-Friendly Plants.

Choose plants that are suited for your soil and weather conditions but are safe for your pets and kids. A great way to landscape around your pool is with ornamental grass borders. They’re eye-catching, neutral, and fit any pool aesthetic.

  1. Add Landscaping Ornaments.

Once the basics are done, consider incorporating ornaments and/or architectural elements that elevate the features of your backyard landscape. You can go for sculptures, water features, lighting, playful statues, bird feeders, pergolas, or even patios. These add-ons are perfect to give your landscape more character and make it more alluring.

The secret is to provide an environment and a destination that appeals to your interests and complements your lifestyle. If you’re overwhelmed or just want to discuss different options, contact Diamond Spas today. Luxury pools and spas designed and built by Diamond Spas can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.


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