Designing A Powder Room

By Cindy
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The early Victorians called the small bathroom a powder room because it provided a place for women to remove the shine from (or powder) their noses. Today we mostly call them half baths. No matter what you call it the powder room can be the most challenging room in the house to decorate, but is can also be the one of the most fun designs in a house too.

The small space gives many homeowners the opportunity to add luxury and to step out of the ordinary and be creative. You can experiment with bold wall colors and lighting and plumbing fixtures that make a statement.

Tips for designing a powder room:

  • Include a wall mounted mirror with wall lighting, this will create the illusion of a larger area.
  • Stick to décor that can hung on the wall, there is nothing worst than tripping over baskets in the bathroom.
  • Storage and counter space is limited, so use an above counter vessel sink, it leave more counter space for towels, candles, or whatever else you wish to use the counter for.

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