Details Make the Design

By Cindy
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When it comes down to design, it’s the little details that you put into your project that gets it noticed. The delightful thing about custom designing something is that you can make the product all your own through your own artistic expression. The details don’t have to be grandure to get noticed, in fact the small detailed rich elements are the ones that get noticed the most. We like to say the small details go a long way.



This copper and stainless steel hot tub was designed for a client who wanted an industrial style look to his custom hot tub and requested for these rivets to be added to the spa which really gave the copper hot tub a fantastic unique steampunk style. Guaranteed no one will have something like this on their deck. It was a great idea and really changed the look of the hot tub.

Details can do just that.Change the look from one perception to another and give it a distinctive look. Overflow_SOZO_side_shot_without_faucet.jpg

The client who designed this elegant tub wanted something to support their neck and head instead of a flat back on the tub and our engineers came up with these intergrated head supports that look great with the design and at the same time are functional. Another detail that was added to the design was the three slot overflow. The client felt the standard overflow looked obtrusive on the high end soaking tub and they wanted a more streamline look and again Diamond Spas Design engineers came up with this concept of a built in slot overflow that was innovative yet functional.

Functional designed details are always good as there are certain elements that are required in these designs, but there is no reason we can’t design around or redesign those required elements.



Details are not always functional but can simply be something that the client resonates with. For the client of this stand alone soaking tub, he wanted more movement in the tubs design so he added soft “waves” to the ledge . The whimsical lines on the tubs ledge really makes the tub stand out and shows the versatality that can be added to any of Diamond Spas designs.


A detail can alco come into the design by the way of routines and lifestyles too. This client liked to have a coctail in their hot tub every night but didn’t like the idea of having to place the drink on the side of the hot tub. His architect came up with the idea to have cocktail tables installed that wouold eliminate the need to place the clients need to det their drink down on the side of the spa. It solved the client’s problem and it looks great too

Do you have a innovative design we can make for your next project? Let us build you a detailed rich hot tub or tub today. Click here for more details on how to get started with Diamond Spas.

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