Diamond Spas 3 Tips for Having the Most Efficient Hot Tub

By Cindy
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The undeniable benefits of owning a home hot tub are many, from stress relief to physical therapy, bonding opportunities with family, friends, and loved ones to your own personal escape. But home spas do effect your energy use. Below are a few money and energy saving tips that we recommend to keep your energy use as low as possible.

First, your hot tub should have a cover, and the type of cover matters. Since heat rises and water evaporates, not covering your hot tub when you’re not using it can cause undue loss of both heat and water. Just as you have insulation in the attic of your home to help hold in the heat during winter, hot tub covers with adequate insulation can do the same for your hot tub. If your home spa and its cover are more than a few years old, you should inspect the cover carefully for any cracks that may have formed over time, as these can reduce the ability of the cover to effectively insulate the water in your hot tub. If the water in your tub is evaporating and losing heat, your energy bill will reflect the constant work your system is doing to try and keep the water hot. A properly insulated hot tub cover will prevent the need to constantly reheat the water and help keep your energy costs down.

Another energy saving tip for your home spa is to adjust the thermostat slightly lower than the high temperature limit of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In effort to save money and energy, we would suggest reducing the thermostat 102 degrees or lower. You can lower it to 90 degrees and then bring the temperature back up when you are getting ready to use it. You will still be able to enjoy a warm, soothing, stress-reducing soak at the slightly lower temperature while reducing your energy consumption.

A third tip for keeping your hot tub water hot is to block any wind that can cool the water and cause evaporation. If your hot tub is not in a protected area or your property doesn’t offer a natural wind break such as trees, you can create a wind break using privacy panels, fencing, artificial trees, or by planting mature, natural trees. This will help keep your hot tub water hot, and provide you with more privacy during use.

Proper maintenance of your hot tub such as regular cleaning to prevent a clogged filter, periodic replacement of worn filters, and quarterly flushing of the plumbing system will ensure the best circulation of the water in your home spa, allowing equipment such as heaters and pumps to work more efficiently. Using a timer for both the heater and the pump can help optimize the energy usage of both systems. Energy efficient spa pumps can be up to 50% more efficient than standard models.

While home hot tubs are designed for enjoyment, excessive splashing, leaks, or jets that propel water outside the spa can cause unnecessary water loss. Conserving water means less water that has to be replaced and heated to enjoy your home spa. Conserving water is good for your wallet as well as the environment!

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your electric and water bills for the first few months of use to see how much energy and water are being used. If you know what’s normal, you’ll be better able to spot a spike in usage, which could signify a potential problem. As with your automobile or any household appliance or system, proper use, care, and maintenance of your home hot tub are vital to preserve the life, efficiency, and cost savings your home spa offers.

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