Diamond Spas Announces New Line Of Stocked Spas

By Cindy
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Diamond Spas will be celebrating 22 years in business this summer. Over these years, we have been so honored to have custom designed hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools to clients all over the world. As our business has increased and our name has become more well known in the industry, we have been busy. And our business has grown. And grown! We have heard from so many of you over this time asking, pleading, even begging for us to stock our hot tubs so you can enjoy them immediately.

Diamond Spas Wood Portable Spa

So, starting this month, Diamond Spas will be offering, The Monarch,  which is our solution to ‘off the shelf’ luxury stainless steel hot tubs with custom side panels. The Monarch will have significantly reduced lead times and include all the popular options that our clients want, along with the same high quality materials that Diamond Spas is known for. These spas will still be hand welded, and hand finished. The Monarch Portable Spa will allow you to choose between copper, stainless or ipe side panels. The Monarch Spa is stunning and we are super excited to give our clients more choices as we move forward.

Ready for a luxury hot tub now? Call us today for more details.



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