Diamond Spas’ Outdoor Inspiration: Outdoor Bathtubs to Warm You Up This Fall

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Relaxing in a deep soaking tub while fluffy snowflakes swirl around you, sizzling gently as they hit the hot water… Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why so many people are considering adding a luxurious custom outdoor bath to their home this year. Think of an elegant outdoor bath as a functional piece of garden art to enjoy year-round.

Custom metal tubs for a natural setting

If you’re one of those thinking of adding an outdoor tub, you may want to consider a custom metal tub. Because copper and stainless steel are so malleable, they allow for a wide range of configurations. This means the ultimate in comfort and luxury while enjoying a long soak. Furthermore, they allow you to fit your new custom outdoor tub to your preferred location rather than trying to find a location where a standard tub will fit.

Your new bathtub can be rectangular, elliptical, oval, or almost any other shape you can imagine. Japanese soaking tubs and corner bathtubs are other popular options.

Outdoor bath inspiration

There are probably as many different outdoor bath designs as there are people looking to indulge in one. However, not all outdoor baths are as luxurious and inspiring as those that are custom-designed and made by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials. You’ll appreciate that kind of luxurious quality and skilled craftsmanship each time you’re soaking in your custom-made tub. You’ll also enjoy showing off your elegant outdoor tub to the admiring glances of friends.


Diamond Spas’ modern & contemporary bathtubs and spas are exactly the type of quality product you expect and deserve. Even if you prefer the look of rustic elegance, copper’s natural beauty harmonizes wonderfully with almost any decor style. Moreover, since we will custom design your new outdoor bath to your specifications, you’re ensured of getting precisely the luxurious experience you’re expecting. Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation.


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