Diamond Spas travels to DC for the ASLA meeting

By Cindy
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ASLA’s Annual meeting and Expo will be held in Washington DC this weekend. More than 6,000 landscape architecture professionals from across the U.S. and around the world will gather in Washington, D.C., September 10–13, to earn up to 21 professional development hours, to enjoy the fellowship of our profession, and to reconnect with the fundamental elements of design.

The theme of this years ASLA‘s meeting is Earth Air Water Fire DESIGN. Landscape architects are the only professionals trained to design in harmony with the natural elements that surround us. Designing to conserve and protect these resources as well as to bring humans in closer contact with them in their daily lives. People’s physical and mental health requires this connection with the natural world. The artful use of these elements in safe, functional, and beautiful ways forms the heart of our practice and makes us unique among the design professions.

Meeting in our nation’s capital offers the chance to highlight the work of our public practitioner colleagues. A number of federal agencies have organized tours, field sessions, and education sessions, providing vital information about federal projects, programs, and procurement.

ASLA continues to reduce the carbon footprint of the annual meeting. The hotels, convention center, show decorator, transportation company, and other vendors with whom ASLA contracts services each maintain an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices. ASLA’s printed materials, signage, and decorations are recycled, recyclable, and printed with soy ink. The meeting handouts are distributed electronically.

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