Doing Spas Via Rooftop

By Cindy
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For you city dwellers, we know how hard it is to come by a square inch of grass, or for that matter a back yard to call your own. Rooftop spas are popular with the city folk due to space and the incredible views that surround. Diamond Spas has done numerous spas and pools in the great city of NYC, Miami and San Francisco to name a few. These rooftop spas make a great place to entertain and relax with the city lights as a backdrop. With a custom spa, Diamond Spas can customize the spa to fit the dimensions of the rooftop. If there are obstructions blocking your view, we can customize seat heights and the base of the spa to help perch the bather for a better view. Custom spas are a great alternative to spec spas that are size constricted.

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