Don’t Let Your High End Bath Go Cold

By Cindy
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High End Custom Tub from Diamond Spas

You’ve looked forward to that bath all day. A nice hot soak to soothe your sore muscles. And then you slip your foot into a tub of cold water–brrr or water that is too hot–ouch. Us bath lovers know this ritual all too well. The constant checking of the water temperature is a pain. Just when you were looking forward to it all day and then the hot water runs out on you-Oh the terror! Bath lovers can rejoice over in line bath heaters and never sit in a cold bath again. Diamond Spas can add a in line heater to any of their high end bath tubs. In line heaters will keep your bath water at a constant temperature of your choosing so there is no need to continually add more hot and cold water. You can let your tub fill and know that when you dip your toes in the water will be just right!

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