Downtown Denver Hotel Gets First Rooftop Pool

By Cindy
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Downtown Denver’s Warwick Hotel is adding a major rooftop attraction to their hotel this summer. The stainless steel rooftop swimming pool was hoisted into the air and put into place yesterday to get ready for their summer season.

The iconic Wawick hotel is replacing an old rooftop pool that has been there since the 1960’s and as you can imagine was in rough shapead was ready for an up-do.

The Warwick came to Diamond Spas last year looking for an innovative and quality product to replace their old pool. “Stainless steel is ideal for rooftop installations due to it’s weight. Nothing really compares to stainless steel when in comes to other rooftop swimming pool materials such as concrete, plaster and acrylic because it is not only lighter in weight, but the material itself will hold up against Colorado’s harsh elements without any cracking or fading, and to top it off it looks amazing! You really can’t compare an acrylic swimming pool to a stainless steel because stainless steel just looks super high class”, says Krista Payne, marketing manager of Diamond Spas.


Diamond Spas stainless steel swimming pools are completely manufactured in their own warehouse in Frederick CO and then shipped to the project site so there is no construction mess, workers or clean up to deal with. They ship in the US and all over the world.

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