Drama Comes to Luxury Bathroom Designs

By Cindy
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Remember when kitchens were one of the most important rooms of the house when it came to design and high end features? Realtors say “the kitchen sells the house”. I am not sure I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, I think most of us sill love a fabulous kitchen with beautiful cabinets and appliances, but show me a fabulous designed bathroom, and you may just have me.

Master bathrooms are making center stage these days with ornate lighting, digital technology, window views, and high end bath tubs, just to name a few of the luxe features that homeowners are adding to their bathrooms.

When it comes to decorating these spa retreats, nothing is too over the top. Drama, drama, drama is the name of the game.The more dramatic, the better when it comes to luxury bathroom designs. Clients want the bathroom to be a place where they can get primped and pampered. Personalized body shower sprays that can be programmed for certain temperatures and water pressures surround the bather at every angle is a real treat for tired and sore muscles. Many bath and shower fixtures now come available in digital aided devices to make it easy for the bather to turn on the shower and control exact temps . Adding intricate tile work such as mosaics, glass and textured tiles add a jeweled effect to bathroom designs, giving the room flair and sophistication. A focused attention is being placed on the soaking tub. Free standing baths with expansive views of nature are THE hot ticket of the day. Placing the tub among a large picture window allows the the bather to feel as though they are bathing among natures elements. Now that sounds like good drama!

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