Eco-Friendly Swimming Water

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Summer is quickly approaching and there is no better way to beat the summer heat than a dip in the pool. But we also know that the chlorine in the pools can irritate our eyes and skin, and from a vanity point of view, chlorine can dry out your hair, and turn light colored hair green. Chlorine is also linked to asthma, lung damage, allergies, and even stomach cancer according to the EPA. Since we do absorb the largest amount of chlorine while in pools, there has been a movement to get rid of chlorine in pool water. Anne Colvey wrote for Green Living recently and explained the harmful effects of Chlorine and push towards Chlorine free swimming.

Biodegrade the problem: Enzyme cleaners tackle harmful organics by breaking them down into their base components that are be reabsorbed back into the pool. Biodegradeable and chemical free, they are most effective with fats, detergents, dirt, pollen and other organic material. (These are the same enzymes used to clean up oil spills.) The liquid is added directly to the pool once a week. One of the most reliable companies, Natural Chemistry, has been selling the enzymes cleaners since 1989. They have a variety of pool kits that also get rid of phosphates, algae growth while restoring salt and mineral levels.

Copper Swimming Pool Outside

With all the choices available for healthy and eco-friendly swimming water it is important to make informed decisions, ask the advice of a pool professional before installing a new system. Diamond Spas representative are available to answer any questions you may have about non chlorine pool systems. Read more at Green

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