Elliptical Baths or Clawfoot Tubs

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goWhen building your dream home or remodeling the bathroom area of your current home to reflect the ultimate in custom design, the question arises as to what kind of tub is best, a built-in or freestanding tub? Elegant freestanding baths are becoming increasingly popular at luxury resorts, spas, and upscale homes around the globe. Many believe these standout baths provide a level of indulgence unmatched by other forms of bathing.




The elliptical shaped bath is a thing of beauty, with it’s soft, rounded edges and unique, pleasing shape. Soaking in an elliptical bath is a wonderful way to delight in warmth at the end of a long day, feeling your muscles relax and your tensions ease. The ends of an elliptical bathtub recline slightly, descending into a comfortable flat bottom. The splendor of this bath is hard to ignore, and easy to enjoy.

Although clawfoot tubs are also popular freestanding tub choice, an elliptical bath offers greater protection for your bathroom floor. The unique design of an elliptical bath ensures that no water will gather beneath the tub, potentially causing damage to your flooring. The simplicity of design and clean, classic lines also lend themselves to a greater variety of aesthetic choices, whereas a clawfoot tub tends to lean toward a certain vintage look and feel.


Diamond Spas offers our customers their choice of a captivating copper bathtub or stylish stainless steel elliptical bath. Both are custom designed to meet precise space requirements and specific design requests. Small or large, built to blend seamlessly into the space you’re working with, there is no shape, size or height that cannot be accommodated. A Diamond Spas specialist stands ready to assist you with your specialty bath ideas and help to make the bath of your dreams a reality, with the beautiful freestanding tub of your choice.

Beautiful Copper Soaking Tub

Call Diamond Spas today at (800) 951-7727 to discover how our talented designers and expert craftsmen can help you start enjoying the benefits of a customized stainless steel or a beautiful elliptical copper bathtub in your home.

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