Enjoy The Spa Experience At Home

By Cindy
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With all of the resources and technology available today, more and more homeowners are opting to indulge in the spa experience from the comfort and privacy of their own bathroom. With the help of Elle Décor and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) we examined new products and design ideas to develop tips to help you transform your ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary luxury spa.

  • When it comes to soaking up the spa experience, Elle Décor recommends using freestanding tubs, because they free up floor space for a beautiful piece of furniture or a towel rack.
  • Consider adding air jets to the tub, unlike traditional targeted water spas, newer jets have a range of sensations from delicate fingers to a more intense rushing mountain stream sensation.
  • Find a show that will simulate the spas experience – Steam showers relax tired muscles, energize the body and invigorates the mind.
  • The NKBA suggests adding design elements like, “vessel sinks, LED lighting for ceiling, walls, and even floors, take your personal spa to a higher level. With so many choices and options, homeowners often have difficulty in deciding what products to choose. That’s where a professional designer comes in. They have access to a wider variety of designs that can simplify your research and guide you through the process.”
  • Go beyond the basic candles, oils and pick up a showerhead that allows you to add essential oils for aromatherapy.
  • Lastly enhance your experience with music – purchasing a water proof speak to place in or near your shower or tub.

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