Escape the Day With Nightly Baths

By Cindy
Posted . Filed under Health & Wellness, Japanese Soaking Tubs.

I love my nightly baths..and yes I take them EVERY night. For me, my bath ritual has nothing to do with washing and getting clean. It has everything to do with soaking, relaxing, de-stressing and escaping from the hectic issues of the day. I thought I was a one of few that has this bath addiction, but talking to my other women friends I realize I am not alone in my addictive behavior. Many ladies (and a few men) love their nightly baths for the same reasons. There is nothing better than getting into a hot bath before bed. It puts me right to sleep! There are so many cool gadgets available today that can give the bath connoisseur an even better experience. I don’t have one YET, but I love the idea of the Japanese Soaking Tub to give get that deep hot soak. There is nothing worse than running out of hot water in the middle of filling your bathtub. Inline heaters extend the warmth of the bath for as long as you want, and as hot as you like. Inline heaters can be added to a custom made soaking tub. Chroma-therapy lighting can really enhance the bathing ritual. With installed LED lighting in the walls of the tub, the bather can turn off the overhead lights and just revel in the mood lighting. For me, give me some great smelling bubble bath (I love anything from Molton Brown), and a beautiful soaking tub, a good magazine or my kindle and a quiet bathroom and I have an escape for 30 minutes, or until my kids come screaming “Mom, she hit me”… Ahh so much for escaping from the crazy day…

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