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As 2013 quickly comes to a close we are reminded of the many things that we are thankful for. It was back in 1996 when Diamond Spas first established their first production of unique tubs and the idea to turn that product into a business. We are getting ready to celebrate 18 years in 2014 fabricating stainless steel and copper products from japanese style soaking tubs, plunge pools, to contemporary vessel sinks. From every cut of the metal to every weld of the seam, we have not changed how we do business. We still believe that there is something special in making things from an artists hand and that custom making each piece is a true gift.

Michael Matrka Ramsey Residence Master Bath and Spa

18 years is quite an accomplishment with the highs and lows of the economy and the struggles that ensue when starting your own business from scratch, but we have managed to work through every tough phase of business and keep our eye on what is important, our relationship with our clients. We still get excited over the “wins” that comes from day to day weather its a metal spa going into a new hotel, or an ofuro tub that a designer has cleverly designed.We still get as excited by the work and the people that we get to come across every day. We are blessed beyond measure and we are thankful for every client and every project.



This year has been no different with getting cover stories on national magazines (Interior Design), fabricating our largest rooftop swimming pools to date, fabricating for Ivy League universities, and shipping our work as far as Turkey. We wanted to take a moment before the real hustle of last minute shopping begins next week, to thank those of you who have been our clients over the years and referred us to your family, friends and peers. And to those who are looking at working with us in the coming year, we ask you to call us with your questions and take heart that you are working with a small company that will take care of every detail of your project because that is who we are and have been doing it that way from the beginning.

Merry Christmas from The Diamond Spas Family

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