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Founded by Stephanie and Tom Bennett, Diamond Spas – located in Frederick, Colorado – began with a unique idea: design and build a specialized bathtub for Stephanie that would mimic the comfort of her beloved grandfather’s favorite recliner. From those humble beginnings, Diamond Spas has grown to become a provider of:

  • Luxury stainless steel and copper spas
  • Swimming pools
  • Glass-wall pools and spas
  • Swim spas
  • Energy-efficient portable spas
  • Cold therapy pools
  • Water features
  • Luxury custom indoor and outdoor bath fixtures

Diamond Spas design manager, Charlie Snider, works with clients to help them reach the perfect design for their specific needs. For a little over eight years, Charlie has worked with clients to develop designs that are then fabricated in their facility.

Charlie is no stranger to pools and spas.

Before he began his journey with Diamond Spas, Charlie began his career in construction management and specialized in commercial swimming pool construction. From there, he expanded on his knowledge and experience working with architectural firms and aquatic designers helping design and build health and wellness facilities.

Stainless Steel and Copper Designs

Charlie says he was initially very intrigued by Diamond Spa’s specialty offerings, specifically copper designs. When he learned about the copper hot tubs and saw the way they were designed and created, he knew that being a design manager for Diamond Spas was the perfect fit for him.

One thing Charlie appreciates about the designs is the clean, consistent appearance of stainless steel as well as the changing colors of copper designs. He appreciates the variety in the design ideas he is able to give his customers.

An example of a spa configuration would be what begins as a free-standing, self-supporting vessel and the customer chooses how to install it, whether in-ground or covered. Vessels can also be pulled up out of the ground and the level of exposure customized based on what the customer wants.

Customizable options include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Seating
  • Jet configurations

Chris says one important aspect of the stainless steel (his personal favorite) and copper designs are their strength and light weight, and he has seen an increase in the number of people seeking rooftop (or other elevated) designs, especially on existing buildings with weight limits.

Traditional Designs

On the other hand, some customers prefer traditional spas with a quick turn-around, such as the energy-efficient Monarch portable spa which has gained in popularity. Chris says originally he thought the appeal was because of how fast the process is but now, he is realizing people enjoy the simplicity and functionality of this design.

Glass Walled Designs

When it comes to glass wall designs, Chris says it comes with structural challenges because of the weight of water but Diamond Spas’ use of acrylic – up to four inches or more, thick – as well as their expertise in sealing these structures, gives customers the elegance of clear-wall designs with confidence.

Cold Therapy Pools

Since more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of cold-water therapy, Charlie says he’s seen an increase in interest in these designs. One important factor to consider when designing cold water products is the way people enter the cold water: Either by walking into it or plunging.

Equipment, climate and other components of cold plunge products are customized based on the purpose of the product and water is generally kept around 50 degrees (with the exception of athletic departments who prefer colder temperatures).

Swim Spas

For those who exercise, custom swim spas are an innovative combination of technology and swimming pool design. Charlie refers to it as a “spool” because it is not quite a pool, not quite a hot tub. Customers can increase or reduce the amount of resistance when they use a custom swim spa to exercise and build strength.

Outdoor Water Designs

Outdoor baths and showers have become more popular, Charlie says, especially because of the reduced maintenance compared to hot tubs and spas.

Water Features

Many water features are included in pool or spa designs such as vertical waterfalls into the pool but also stand-alone water features can add elegance to an outdoor area or pool. Charlie says designing water features is something he considers fun because there are a lot of things you can do.

Charlie says communication is key when designing the perfect pool or spa product. This way they can be clear with their customers about what is involved in designing and installing their products and the customer is not surprised by unexpected expenses.

Charlie explains the process of going from concept to final product starts with a basic idea and then results in an expert vessel that is welded, finished, tested, finished, and installed.

With the increase in energy efficiency and technology, Charlie is proud to offer products that suit the tastes of any customer. He advises customers to get involved and find out as much information as possible as they design their product, and he is happy to help them perfect their dream spa or pool.

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