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By Cindy
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There is quite the debate going on in bathroom design when it comes to picking out finishes for the home. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen the question always comes up, “Should I match my faucets to my light fixtures, my sink, or my door handles? The answer is really not one that can be easily answered. It all comes down to personal preference.

Years ago the rule of thumb in Interior Design was that you wanted all the components to match. If you had a
copper tub then you had to have a copper faucet, copper drawer pulls, and a copper light fixture.
The rules have changed with some of those rules as designers have been drawn into a place of more daring and playful attitudes towards design. “Designers are bringing fresh ideas and an unexpected element to their projects that leave the homeowners excited by something that can be so simple.” We are not use to seeing mixing of materials and metals in bathrooms and kitchens and when it is used often it is so subtle with just enough of a splash to make the project stand out in a really sleek way.”
Palmetto Bluff 15 Nottingham Road
Oil rubbed Faucets, Gold cabinet handles, gold mirror frame, silver chinese stool
When the coodination of the bathroom or kitchen components are all matching (often called matchy-matchy) the overly coordinated look can be mono tone and dull. Having at least one element that stands out with a unique feature will give the room a “pop”of interest.
Healdsburg Residence
Oil rubbed cabinet pulls and stainless steel wall faucets
Ready to mix some metals?
Contact Us for a sample of our metal so you can see how it will look today.
Master Bathroom
Three different metal tones used: Stainless faucets, bronze door pulls and oil rubbed door hangers
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