Fireplace Luxury Bath = Total Romance

By Cindy
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Custom Copper Tub in Front of Fireplace

Is this copper tub in front of the fireplace the bomb or what? Every time people, OK almost every women (and I know of a few men) sees this picture of this copper tub in front of the fireplace they go crazy. I mean c’mon who doesn’t love a cozy fireplace in their bathroom? It just screams romance doesn’t it? Turn off the lights, turn on some music (key the Barry White), and bring in the champagne!

Ok, that may be from the movies, but trust me, the ladies love a fire and a high end tub filled with bubbles..Trust me on this one.

Eclectic Bathroom design by Denver Interior Designer Katy Allen, Nella Designs
Stainless Steel Japanese Tub for Two


Mediterranean Bathroom design by Las Vegas Interior Designer Macaluso Designs, Inc.
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