Four Swimming Pool Water Features You Need for Summer

By Cindy
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If you’re looking for a swimming pool you can enjoy now and for years to come, with water features and designer touches that reflect your personal style, Diamond Spas can design and fabricate a custom pool that complements your outdoor living space. Whether your pool will be part of an outdoor deck, a back yard, a courtyard, or a rooftop, made of stainless steel or copper, our custom swimming pools and water features offer style and elegance in an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional swimming pool design.


A swimming pool custom made just for you by Diamond Spas is durable and long lasting; your pool will remain as beautiful as it is on day one, and will not fade, crack or peel. Stainless steel and copper pools weigh much less than conventional concrete or gunite pools, offering a wider range of placement choices, less structural cost, and will remain visually stunning. Four swimming pool water features your pool needs to make this summer enjoyable and memorable for everyone are:


  1. Custom spa. What better way to enjoy your poolside area than with a custom spa designed to relax and soothe your tired body? Slip into your custom spa after your pool workout, or alternate between the warm water of the spa and the cooler water in your pool to help stimulate healthy blood flow that will have your body thanking you as the stress of the day melts away, leaving you with glowing skin and a renewed spirit.
  2. The soothing sound and sight of a waterfall is a wonderful additional water feature that can easily be added to your swimming pool. Whether you want something as simple as deck jets shooting water into your pool, a more elaborate, cascading waterfall, or a sheer descent that is part waterfall, part deck jet, this popular water feature will add an element of nature to your pool for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Custom lighting. Light up the night with multicolored LED lighting that illuminates the water after sundown and adds an unrivaled design element to your swimming pool. Your outdoor living space will come alive with color that is both soothing and entertaining for all those poolside.
  4. Baja step. Not ready to jump in the pool? A Baja step allows you to dip your toes in the water from the comfort of a lounge chair while you observe the action in the pool without being in the middle of it. Oversee little children, bring your home office outdoors for a while, or simply relax with a friend and enjoy a poolside snack or drink while your toes splash in the cool water of your pool.


Diamond Spas can provide you with a custom designed swimming pool with water features you want and need to enjoy some fun in the sun. Call us today at (800) 951-7727 to see how Diamond Spas can help you transform your outside space and make your pool the place to be this summer.

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