Freeform Pool Designs

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Pools aren’t just rectangular holes in the ground, and there are a wide variety of freeform pool designs that are a total departure from the traditional shapes and designs most people associate with them.

In fact, it might be an understatement to describe some of these designs as simply pools, with terms like lagoon, oasis, grotto, or spa being more accurate. These freeform pool ideas will make you re-think what’s possible and maybe even inspire you to add one to your backyard!

What are freeform pools?

Before diving into the variety of incredible freeform pool designs, we want to first define what freeform pools are, how they differ from traditional pools, and how they’re similar so there’s no confusion.

Freeform pools get their name from the more natural shape of the pool itself, which does not conform to a regular or formal structure and often features curves or flowing lines rather than straight lines and 90-degree angles at the corners. In most instances, freeform pools are designed to be more natural-looking, and many will have rock and waterfall features to make them look more organic rather than man-made.

Freeform pool designs

Because freeform pools don’t conform to any kind of structure, there are a wide variety of designs. They can be as simple as a pool with organic curves surrounded by concrete or something more complex featuring large boulders, waterfalls, and lush plant life and built to resemble a natural body of water.

Really the only barrier in coming up with freeform pool ideas is your imagination! If you’ve got a design that you want to bring to life in your backyard, contact Diamond Spas today for high-quality custom fabrication and other services that’ll make your vision a reality.

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