From Trash to Treasure?

By Cindy
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Made from old books, this book chandelier has great texture! A fire hazard perhaps..we hope not but this light urges you to reach out and touch it!

We here at Diamond Spas believe in re purposing items. Just as we do with our sheet metal that we use in all of our custom stainless steel and copper spas and baths that we fabricate here. The recycled content for our stainless steel sheet lies between 65% and 80%, and our copper comes from 90% to 95% recycled copper.

We found these re purposed items on Designer Pages and thought they were creatively cool!

Pen not working anymore? Don’t throw it away..Save it for your Bic Pen Light Fixture. We wonder if it sounds like a plastic wind chime..

An interesting table topic. Ball Base.

In this current day, we are all trying to do our part in not adding to the landfills. What are you doing to help the environment?

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