Getting Away on Your Own Private Island-Yacht

By Cindy
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No need to get away to a private island for your respite when you can have that private island on your custom yacht. Yacht Island Designs is the concept builder of these fantasy ships with about 5 other concept renderings in progress. From Project Utopia which looks like a spaceship floating on the high seas to The Streets of Monaco which is a mini recreation of the streets of Monaco including a go-kart track, similar to the Formula One race track at Monaco. These luxury designed ships all come with what you would come to expect from a 5 star resort-custom spas, hair salon, movie theater, custom swimming pools and casino.

Although we haven’t heard of any of these swanky yachts setting off to sail, with the attention these creative prototypes are getting, we bet it won’t be long before Richy Rich will be placing his name on it!

Project Utopia with 11 decks and custom swimming pool
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