Glass Sided Swimming Pools

By Cindy
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Glass Sided Swimming Pool

Glass Sided Pools are quite impressive as they have a huge cool factor to them most likely due to their unique look and because they are so new to the residential markets. With the large paneled clear walls keeping the water in place, and an outstanding clarity to allow others to see in, these world class custom swimming pools are defining luxury. Sometimes referred as a fishbowl pool or glass walled pool, which is a misnomer as the clear sided walls are actually made of a thick acrylic, which wears wells in water conditions and provides a superb clarity and is highly impact resistant. This acrylic is the same material that is used in commercial aquariums and zoos. Think about how much traffic comes through these public areas and the water pressure that these walls must withstand and still maintain its quality looks. The custom high quality acrylic allows us to develop and fabricate many flexible designs including angled and curved panels.  Contact Diamond Spas to learn more about glass sided pools and let us quote you on your clear walled Stainles steel swimming pool or luxury spa.

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