Glass Walled Pools – 3 Things You Should Know

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No matter what size or what shape they are, the pool is a great place for family and friends to gather for fun, exercise, and relaxation. When designing a swimming pool for your home, why not consider incorporating glass? With today’s technology, an acrylic or glass wall is as solid and dependable as any other material you might choose for your pool, and glass adds a see-through element that’s both exciting and attractive.

With a custom glass walled pool or acrylic walled pool you can watch the underwater antics of swimmers, appreciate the beauty of a custom mural or mosaic, or view adjacent scenery. Most acrylic or glass walled are above ground, but they can also be built below the surface. Glass pools can be designed in various shapes, not just the standard rectangular shape we all know. Your glass pool could be round, square, geometric, or a combination of shapes. You can have a single glass wall, multiple walls, or the entire pool can be made of glass or acrylic construction.

At Diamond Spas, we’ve built our business on our passion, designing and crafting unique swimming pools for our clients. A glass pool can accommodate many of the attractive features found in other pools, such as water features and other fun “extras” to make your pool unique. With the right placement your glass walled pool can look like a beautiful extension of the landscape, and a glass spa can be added to your pool, as well. We can even build a custom glass walled pool or acrylic walled pool on your yacht or the rooftop of your building! The possibilities are endless.

We can design and build a glass swim spa that you enjoy for exercise, a relaxing glass hot tub, or a custom glass walled pool or large enough to accommodate the whole neighborhood when it’s time for that end of summer pool party. Don’t wait to start enjoying the unique beauty of a glass walled pool. Call Diamond Spas today at (800) 951-7727 to discover how our talented designers and skilled craftsmen can help you enjoy the beauty and benefits of the glass walled pool of your dreams.

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