Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze..In the Bathroom

By Cindy
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The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us and that means athletes are going for the Gold in their events. Could it be an Olympic theme that is trans-versing to what we are seeing in interior design? Over the past few weeks I am seeing gold in bedrooms to bathrooms and now a mixture of all the metals in the same room! Many believed that if you have a copper tub, you must have a copper bath filler. Is there a design faux pas going on and we are here to ring the alarm? If someone would ask me if it would look good to mix metal I would have said no, but I am here to prove myself and any others that actually the mixing of metals in the same room is actually quite warm and alluring.

You will notice that combined metals in the room is very subtle, and if you aren’t looking for it, the detail will flow with the design and show a look of “collected over the years” instead of “purchased all together look”. Here are some great examples where the designer got the gold.

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