A Growing Market for Aquatic Health Benefits

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An ever-expanding obesity epidemic, coupled with an aging baby boomer generation complete with discretionary income, offers a perfect opportunity for pool and spa professionals to emphasize the health benefits of aquatic exercise. Water-based fitness is a great alternative for those who need to ease into a fitness routine. Those with aging joints, in particular, find the buoyancy and gentle resistance of water offers a more comfortable workout than exercises done on hard surfaces.

The Benefits of Water Therapy

Aquatic therapists use both warm and cool water immersion as an effective means of helping their patients recover from illness, injury, or surgery. Thousands of patients each year benefit from aquatic exercise and therapies. The many benefits of aquatic therapies, coupled with the quest for healthier lifestyles and the need to lose weight, provide fresh possibilities for expanding your customer base.

Offering More Options for Health

Opportunities for adding on to your existing swim accessories line abound as you enter the aquatic health market. There is a wide range of water fitness gear that you can add to the goggles, kickboards, and swim fins you may already carry. These water fitness accessories are specifically designed for modern consumers looking for variety, convenience, and quality.

These health and fitness-related aftermarket products will appeal to both new and existing customers. They’re a natural fit for customers looking to embrace the health benefits a spa or pool can offer. It’s your job to explore those benefits with your customers and help them find the right choices for their lifestyle.

Balancing the Fun with the Benefits

Pools and spas have always offered plenty of enjoyment. Now they can also justify their purchase through the many health benefits they offer. Providing new and innovative products along with real-world research touting the benefits of aquatic exercise and therapies can entice customers both new and old to take the plunge on a new pool or spa. Contact us today to learn more.

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