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What made you go into the Home Furnishings/Interior Design Business?

We started with staging homes and doing design in Canada and decided that as time went along that combining retail with design and now e-commerce was a great way to round out the business.

How long have you been in business?

Approximately 17 years

Where are you located? Do you do business in other states? Countries?

We are based in California but we have done design work in many states from Washington to Utah to Texas, to Arizona to Missouri and others. Starting our business in Canada, we have been fortunate to have done many projects there . Through our e-commerce site, we ship to 48 states.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele is both residential and commercial with a focus on residential.

In general where do you get your design ideas and inspirations?

As a team, we have brain-storming sessions where we kick new ideas around and build upon each person’s thought process.

What is the most interesting request that you have had from a client?

There have been many, some too out there to detail. Probably one our favorite was for an adult version of Disneyland – aka. make my home the Ritz Carlton.

What is your favorite thing that you are currently selling?

We have so many great products for sale on our website, in our retail stores and through our design services that it is hard to pick one item. The concept of industrial style mixed with a rustic edge is really my favorite look we are selling currently.

List your top three publications, journals and/or websites that you read to find out about new products? (certain sections of a magazine?)

I read Mountain Living Magazine and Veranda on a regular basis and subscribe to many trade journals to find out about new products for our clientele.

How did you find out about Diamond Spas?

Years ago I saw Diamond Spas featured in a magazine and decided it was the perfect match for our design and clients.

Describe the product that you purchased from Diamond Spas? How and where was it used?

We have used many products from Diamond Spas including copper sinks, stainless sinks, stainless custom tubs and even a copper soaking tub that we created a natural waterfall into.

What do you like most about the products from Diamond Spas?

Number one is quality. There is a definite difference in Diamond Spa products and there are never any surprises!

What are the big trends that you are seeing in the interior design industry right now?

The combination of styles and the use of industrial and rustic materials seems big all over from homes in vacation resorts to downtown Manhattan.

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www.highcamphome.com or their blog at https://blog.highcamphome.com/


Visit High Camp Homes at 10191 Donner Pass Road, Truckee CA 96161

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