High-design, high-efficiency Go Hand in Hand

By Cindy
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Today more and more high-end designers are incorporating both beauty and water efficiency into bathroom design. Designers are choosing to use smarter plumbing products for toilets and lavatory faucets that reduce water consumption. When searching for plumping products search for toilets and faucets with WaterSense labels.

The WaterSense label—like the Energy Star label for electricity usage—is easily identified on products that perform more efficiently than their counterparts. Unlike Energy Star, however, the WaterSense label requires independent third-party testing to verify that the products met its labeling criteria. Many manufacturers believe that the EPA’s WaterSense specification will soon become the industry standard.

One of our favorite WaterScense fixtures is this Ryohan EcoPower Sensor Bathroom Sink Faucet by Toto.

The faucet is sleek, functional and water savings. The Ryohan EcoPower sensor faucet features an electrical system that is completely self-sufficient – it generates and stores its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. Triggered by pulsating infrared light, the Ryohan faucet has another amazing feature – it records its own daily usage for a full week; then, during periods of infrequent use, it automatically reduces its infrared pulse frequency to conserve electricity.

The Toto Ryohan EcoPower Faucet is a High-efficiency faucet (HEFs), and can reduce this standard flow by more than 30 percent without sacrificing performance.

Visit Toto USA for more information about Water Efficient products.

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